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  • Radar Induction Refrigerator
    Radar Induction Refrigerator
    After the radar detects the human body approaching, wake up the refrigerator's screen to realize intelligent interaction, energy saving and other functions
  • Radar Induction Washing Machine
    Radar Induction Washing Machine
    After the radar detects that the human body is approaching, it can instruct the screen to wake up and automatically open the laundry door after the laundry is completed.
  • Radar Induction Air Conditioner
    Radar Induction Air Conditioner
    By monitoring the movement direction of the human body, the air-conditioning wind direction can be automatically followed or avoided
  • Radar Induction Television
    Radar Induction Television
    When the radar detects no one, the TV will turn on the screen saver/delay shutdown to achieve energy conservation. The screen brightness can be dynamically adjusted based on personnel distance to achieve the best viewing effect.
  • Radar Induction Water Heater
    Radar Induction Water Heater
    When there is human activity in the bathroom, the radar will automatically cut off the power circuit to avoid electric shock accidents.
  • Radar Induction Air Purifier
    Radar Induction Air Purifier
    When the radar detects that there is no one, the screen will be automatically lowered and switched to the screen saver mode to realize energy saving and prolong the life of the screen.
  • Radar Induction Range Hood
    Radar Induction Range Hood
    Hand sweep radar sensor, perfect replacement for infrared tube.
  • Radar Induction Projector
    Radar Induction Projector
    The radar detects a human body approaching, and the screen displays a welcoming animation effect, providing a strong interactive experience.

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