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  • Smart lighting
    Smart lighting
    It monitors movement, micro-movement, and existence, lights on when people come, and lights off when people go, realizing sensorless control. At the same time, combined with networking, the area lights up, and the direction lights up to achieve scene linkage.
  • Smart security
    Smart security
    Monitor the movement of objects, realize alarm triggering, protect home security at all times, and realize alarm reminder and smart scene linkage, smart home scene linkage and other functions through the gateway.
  • Smart home appliances
    Smart home appliances
    It monitors the approach, wakes up the screen, and realizes the seamless perception of people and home appliances.
  • Smart home
    Smart home
    Monitor movement, micro-movement, and existence, and realize human movement, micro-movement, and sleep monitoring, thereby linking with smart homes and realizing scene-based linkages such as air conditioners, TVs, and lamps.
  • View more cases
    View more cases
    With the development of radar technology, the application fields of radar products are becoming more abundant, becoming one of the important solutions in the fields of assisted driving, human presence sensing, energy control, and assisted medical treatment.

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