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Professional title:Embedded Software Engineer
Number of views:
  • Time of issue: 2024-06-23 17:31:00
  • Wages: Face to face
    Number of views:
    • Location of work: Shanghai - Shanghai - Huangpu District
    • Department:Technology Department
    • level:1
    • Nature of work:Full time
    • Age limitation for work:1-3 years
    • Educational background:Regular college
    • Gender:No limit
    • Time of issue: 2024-06-23 17:31:00
    Description of position:
    1. Responsible for the design, development and debugging of embedded software;
    2. Responsible for SoC chip platform software development and debugging and performance optimization work;
    3. Responsible for the development, support and Debug of client requirements; 4. Responsible for the compilation of software related documents.
    Expected skills:
    1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic information/computer/automation and other related majors, at least 1 year of relevant work experience;
    2. Familiar with programming languages ​​such as C/C++/Python, and have assembly language programming foundation;
    3. Familiar with the development of embedded software on one or more platforms such as ARM/MIPS/RISC-V;
    4. Familiar with more than one RTOS such as FreeRTOS/uCOSII/Nucleus/RT-Thread;
    5. Familiar with the basic principles of millimeter wave radar, experience in millimeter wave radar development is preferred;
    6. Strong learning ability, able to quickly adapt to the development schedule of the company's project;
    7. Have a good team spirit, good communication and coordination skills, a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit.

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