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Sales Engineer
Shenzhen, Zhongshan
2022-09-19 1
Tybe Of Job: Sales Department
Nature Of The Work : Full time
Gender Requirements:No limit
Salary: Negotiable
Number Of Recruits:1
Release Date:2022-09-19
Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop solution providers and end customers in the fields of lighting, smart lighting, large and small home appliances, smart homes, and security

2. Do a good job in matching the needs of customers and solution providers, coordinate product progress, and coordinate the specific progress of the technical department's connection plan

3. Develop and maintain IDH and partners with technology development capabilities, service capabilities, and market coverage capabilities

4. Analysis and arrangement of sales data, formulate and complete sales plan

5. Responsible for the collection and feedback of market information and competitors in the area under its jurisdiction

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, science and engineering related majors such as electronics, communication, automation are preferred

2. More than 3-5 years of electronic work experience, if you have a background in induction industries such as PIR (Pyroelectric Sensor), microwave radar, etc., it can be reduced to 2 years of industry sales experience

3. A sales background in lighting (smart lamps), home appliances, smart home, security and other industries, as well as PIR sales experience is preferred, covering a wide range of industry customers

4. Business experience in lighting lamp beads, power supplies, driver ICs, MCUs, radio frequency, PIR solutions, radar ICs, IOT cloud platforms, and solution providers with solution design capabilities is preferred

5. Strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and positive working attitude, able to withstand pressure, good at learning

6. Have strong communication skills and business processing skills, and have a good teamwork spirit

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